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Motorcycle & Bike Accidents

Advocating for Injured Motorcyclists and Bikers

Due to their smaller size, many drivers struggle to see motorcyclists and bikers on the road. Most motorcycle accidents involve collisions with cars and trucks where the other driver doesn’t see the biker and violates the rider’s right of way. This is a common story among cyclists as well. Drivers are often not looking in the direction of the biker, distracted by their phone, or simply misjudge the distance between the biker and their vehicle. As a result, when bikers and motorcyclists hit the open road, they face a significant risk of accident and injury.

It’s no surprise that statistics show that bikers and motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer severe injuries or death in an accident with a car than the passengers in the vehicle. Bikes fail to provide the same protection that car doors, roofs and seat belts offer. Even when riders are wearing helmets, head injuries are common.


No matter how safety-conscious you are, you can’t always avoid the dangers of sharing the road with distracted and inattentive drivers. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Unsafe lane changes, often due to the failure of car drivers to signal or check the blind spot
  • Speeding, on the part of other drivers
  • Left-turn accidents, often due to car drivers misjudging the distance
  • Careless driving, texting while driving, failing to signal, etc.
  • Car drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Sudden stops

When dangerous road conditions are combined with any of these actions on the part of a motor vehicle driver, bikers are at a huge risk of getting in an accident.


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